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Hiatus over

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This is a very small blog post that is just saying hullo and sorry for the long absence.

The site has been upgraded and will start to once again feature semi regular content from various family members as a way of providing news and updates for family members and friends who don’t (for some reason) have Facebook.

We have added links to the side bar for family members and the old websites.

Enjoy these photos from a recent family outing.

2012-05-26 Redcliffe 0232012-05-26 Redcliffe 0032012-05-26 Redcliffe 0502012-05-26 Redcliffe 0812012-05-26 Redcliffe 095

selling the guineapigs.

hi all. i am selling the guinea pigs. i am sad. see you soon. miranda.

new guinea pigs

hi i sold timmy and bought 2 new guinea pigs. ther names are shell and storm. they are awesome and i love them. see you soon. miranda.


I found a swamphen chick.
It was sick.
We took it to a wildlife carer.

horw skape

hi i play a game calld heroskape.

it is awsuom.

i like to play with jadeen and daddy.

i houp you all are good.