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Whole Family

Easter 2007

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Easter has been a fun time of relaxing. Thursday night before Easter we bought some games, a tabletop strategy game called HeroScape and Knex I also bought an extreme frisbee.

Friday I had to work, but after I finished we played games until all hours! Saturday I also had to work with one of my staff here at home. He brought his wife and son over and the kids and ladies played, made clay models and talked while we worked. we took a park break and had some fun also. After work I took our kids down to the soccer fields with some friends of ours and we played extreme frisbee and kicked the football until it got dark and then played glow int he dark frisbee! Awesome.

Sunday we slept in and while Jude took most of the kids to Grandmas, Miranda and Is tayed home and played HeroScape until lunchtime. After lunch we headed to a friends place for some
fellowhip, afternoon tea and an awesome time chatting about all manner of things. This was followed by a great time of prayer and then we came home (via a great Indian restaurant). Jude and I kicked back with a movie before bed.

Today we are doing more of the same. Building Knex constructions and just hanging out as a family. Its great!

Kumbarcho Nursery June 2006

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We also went to the Kumbarcho Nursery at Bunya hills. Here they propogate large numbers of native seedlings and maintain some rain forest on their property. It was an educational visit with learning about catchments, seed collection and planting, and seedling planting.
There are lots of photos in the Image Galleries.

Southbank and Museum Outing June 2006

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While Grandad and Grandma Miller were here in June 2006 we went to the Southbank Parklands and then to the Brisbane Museum for an outing.
There are lots of pictures in the Image Galleries.

Jadeens Party

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Jadeen's party was a massive success.
Lots of fairies, presents, food and fun with friends
Check all the photos in the party gallery.


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Thanks to everybody who gave presents to us. We had a great day and we enjoyed some great presents
There are lots of photos from the present unwrapping in the parties photo gallery.
Check out the kids faces as they open their presents.