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Our Family

horw skape

hi i play a game calld heroskape.

it is awsuom.

i like to play with jadeen and daddy.

i houp you all are good.


tomato seeds.

hi all .

i but sum tomato seeds.

i am gowing to grow them.

soon i will have sum tomatos.

i will sell the tomatos to mum and dad.

see you all soon.


xmas is coming.

hi all.

i am excited abot xmas.

i am very excited.

i hope all you have a very happy xmas.

see you all very soon.

bye for now.


Jadeen's Birthday Party

Tim's picture

Boxing day was - as always - Jadeen's Birthday.
My little princess loves her birthday and can't wait for Christmas to be over so it can be her birthday. Of course its always a challenge for us to separate them so that she has a distinctly different day.

After opening presents at some early hour of the day we progressed into the activities. First Jade got to play with her sistsers withe her new presents while normal activities (cleaning chores etc) took place. After lunch Jadeen and Dad and Miranda built robots. This was the culmination of the Real Robots series, they both have a robot and the final result of putting them together yesterday was they were able to play soccer against each other. We have been building these robots for several years now.

After that was finished it was off to the beach for a late afternoon swim and a chance for Jadeen to try out her new kickboard. After rescuing Erin from underwater we headed home via a local takeaway where we bought "the special" - chips laced with BBQ sauce, fried diced bacon and cheese. Once home these were topped off with sour cream and devoured eagerly. We followed this with a birthday cake and candles!

After dinner the board games came out with Miranda and I playing RummiKub and then Jadeen and I playing Guess Who.

A great day for my little princess.

Building the Cubby House

Tim's picture

We are bulding a cubby house while grandad is here to help (actually he designed it and built a fair amount of it).

There are a bunch of photos here (in the creative gallery mostly).

Here are some of the great shots my mother (grandma) took.