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Going to the beach - 2 November 2005 at Caloundra

Tim's picture

Tim's parents are over from New Zealand on holiday. This week they are holidaying at an apartment in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast just north of Brisbane.

2nd November we went up to visit them. Miranda had already stayed over for a few days and this time it was Jadeen's turn to stay with them for 2 days.


First though we had to go to the beach and make sandcastles. This was a lot of fun with a large fort being constructed with some fairly rudimentary towers on the 4 corners, the best of which was smashed by a child before any photos were taken!

This was followed up by a visit to the rock pools along part of the coast while the tide was out.


Tim managed to get some fantastic shots of the foam droplets as the waves smashed against the rock shelf we were on. The new camera really captures this well with drops of foam hanging suspended in the air.

All the pictures are in the Outings gallery as well as the other galleries they belong to. Click on Jadeen's gallery to see all her pictures for example.


Finally we enjoyed a meal of fish and chips in the apartment with Mum and Dad before heading home leaving Jadeen to stay for 2 days. We will miss her but she is bound to have fun and will be back before we know it.